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BOnline, the trusted Microsoft Azure partner combines the flexibility, scalability, and resilience of the Azure cloud platform with its unparalleled support system and managed services to facilitate a powerful cloud development platform for your business.

Enterprise customers looking to deploy the new Azure environment can trust our capabilities to offer unique Microsoft Azure solutions that essentially lays the foundation to run your applications, networks, and data on the cloud seamlessly, over-coming server bottlenecks, using multiple languages, tools and frameworks.

Our team of experts will design and deploy your own private cloud built on the familiar Microsoft technologies of Hyper-V and System Center, which consists of a full-web interface thanks to the Azure Pack, enabling self-service at all times.

Built on Microsoft’s Hyper-V

Manage your workloads with the familiar Hyper-V, the hypervisor that supports private and secure hardware. Enjoy the benefits of cloud on this platform by introducing automation, monitoring and self-service provisioning.

Low Licensing Costs

With no hypervisor licenses to buy – yes it’s free – our host server licensing allows for unlimited Windows guest operating systems at no additional cost. There is negligible difference in the costs between System Center licensing on a server and standard datacentre costs, making Microsoft Azure pricing as themost cost effective virtualization solution.

Database as a Service

The DBaaS tool from the Windows Azure Pack lets you eliminate manual provisioning of databases, managing their security, and figuring out connection strings. A convenient web interface helps manage Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL databases with ease.

Self- Service: Microsoft Azure Portal

The Microsoft Azure pack gives you the power of self-service provisioning and complete control of all your virtual machines, websites, databases and more. You and your users can manage everything through this easy to use web interface.

Launch Websites Quickly

You can launch a Windows Server or a Linux OS while using Windows Azure. The power of the Azure portal gives you the capability to launch a web application within minutes. You can accept scripts from PowerShell or CLI tools and even deploy a site that already exists on DropBox, Git, CodePlex etc…

Scale as you Grow

Start with a cloud that’s the right size for you, and scale it up as you grow. With your private cloud you can manage servers in other BOnlines datacentres from a central portal ot connect to and manage servers from your own data venter. You can also expand into the public Azure if you wish. Choose all this and more, with your cloud solution.

Maximize the Value of Windows Azure with Gulftnet’s Comprehensive Managed Services

24/7 Support

Find instant resolution and short response time backed by industry-leading SLAs and our unmatched service management portal.


Advanced Security

Meet all your deep security requirements with advanced monitoring and robust data policy management.                        


Cloud Support and Management

Build, plan and deploy future proof architecture, with complete solutions for implementation, migration, operation & optimization.


Full Spectrum Account Management

Find complete support in terms of managed security, provisioning, scaling, OS, and storage services.