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As businesses expand worldwide, meeting the network demands between geographically dispersed networks can pose many challenges. Technology advancement and demands require businesses to cater to various forms of digital communications, large data transfers, conferencing solutions, multimedia applications and more. In addition, the network requires carrying sensitive and confidential data round the clock, ensuring maximum resiliency, bandwidth capacity, availability and scalability of networks. 

BOnline offers dedicated point-to-point connections for customers requiring high traffic volume between overseas sites and wanting full control over routing options to design their own WANs or already having existing multiple interfaces or network protocols. 

BOnline’s International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) is a point to-point dedicated leased line between customers’ global offices that is delivered either over a protected network for high-availability/uptime and data protection or via an unprotected (restorable on demand) network topology. 

Our IPLC offers business the following Features:

  • High quality, secure and reliable point to point connectivity
  • Guaranteed data delivery and committed bandwidth at all times
  • Wide variety of transmission speeds starting from 64kbps, E1, DS3, STM-1 to STM-64 capacities
  • Round the clock support via the BOnline NOC and Service Management Center