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Small - Medium Enterprise (SME) and Start-up

Today’s organizations – irrespective of verticals, size and sector – have to deal with dynamic and uncertain online changing requirements. At Gulfnet, we understand the need to provide quality data and communication services to such organizations in order to tackle the growing changes in the competitive-online e-business environment.  Our experience in the industry has helped us prove our expertise by working with organizations such as:

  • Public and private sectors
  • Online and brick and mortar verticals
  • Start-ups, small, medium and large enterprises

Across the global industry, start-ups and small - medium enterprises (SME) are present largely. The increasing demand for SME’s in human resources, internet, e-mail and other e-support services must be constantly addressed without any interruption. Gulfnet values the need to provide a targeted solution for these growing needs of such enterprises. We provide “Complete Managed Enterprise Solution (CMES)” for SMEs. 

Due to the competitive nature industries today especially the SME segment depends on the availability of cost effective and flexible solutions that are both accessible and reasonable. At Gulfnet our converged Infrastructure meets these requirements, by consolidating a number of core solutions that are crucial within any organization. Our solutions offers Internet, Hosted telephony, e-fax, operating systems, server and storage, networking solutions, virtualization, backup and antivirus solutions – all bundled in one consolidated solution for customers’ convenience.

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