• 02 16
    Gulfnet … distinguished partnership with Palms hotel

    Kuwait, 21 February 2016: In continuing its outstanding progress in the information and communication technology (ICT) field, Gulfnet has concluded an agreement with The Palms Beach Hotel & SPA to provide the hotel with the latest hospitality technology related to ICT package with high speed Internet connectivity.

    This partnership positions Gulfnet as a leader the field of technical services related to the hotel industry, especially since The Palms Hotel is considered one of the prominent hotels in Kuwait. Furnished with the latest technology, the fact which boosts the strength and stance of the company in this sector, Gulfnet provides the Hotel with passive and data network system, IP telephony , IP CCTV, IP hotel TV, guest room management system, and public address sound system, ensuring high quality services for the Hotel’s guests and residents.

    This remarkable and outstanding project, equipped with the latest technology, will enable Gulfnet to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the Kuwaiti market. 

    Kuwait - January 2016 
  • 01 16

    Kuwait - January 2016: With the beginning of the New Year, 2016, the Gulf Network Communications Company (Gulf Net) has launched a new strategic course in accordance with its social responsibility program titled: (Take care of your children).

    The campaign aims, through social media, to warn parents of the dangers related to the excessive use of social media, smart phones and tablets by children and adolescents, which has become almost daily habit for them, which also affects their health and psychological status, along with affecting the construction of their personalities in the future. 

    The company emphasizes that its commitment to leave a positive imprint on society and on the environment due to its social responsibility is the motive behind the adoption of a number of issues having the greatest impact on social life, since the company believes that a sustainable future is the basis for the society bright future.

    In accordance with these values and goals, Gulf Net emphasizes that it will  always plan to work on the issues and opportunities related to the components of the social structure, on the basis of its belief in the social responsibility of the private sector and its social role in improving the economic and social welfare.

    The company emphasizes that, at the beginning of each year, it renews its orientation compass towards the most influential issues in health, education, culture, sports, economy and environment areas, and on this basis, the company seeks that the impact of its activities in the areas of sustainability shall extend to the use of its resources for the purpose of encouraging everything achieving added value to the society. 

  • 11 15
    Gulfnet Proudly Achieves Microsoft’s Gold Level Partnership and Gold Education Partner Certifications
    Kuwait, 28 November 2015:  Gulfnet Communications, one of Kuwait’s leading technology providers, said today that it has successfully achieved the renowned Microsoft Gold Level Partnership and the Gold Education Partner certifications. Earning these accolades demonstrates Gulfnet’s best in-class ability and commitment to meet customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment.

    By becoming Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner, Gulfnet is now recognized as Microsoft's most highly accredited independent technical support provider in Kuwait. The company has provided utmost services in offering valuable support for data management and software development, in addition to using Microsoft’s technology as the primary platform for the company.

    Attaining the Gold Level Education Partnership certification positions Gulfnet as an authorized company to sell Microsoft products at academic prices to qualified educational users. This also allows Gulfnet to deliver world-class learning experiences while achieving effective sales and business outcomes.

    Dr. Ahmad Salih Gulfnet’s Chief Executive Officer commented on this achievement, saying: “We are very proud of our latest accomplishment and recognitions by one of the world’s leading software giants. The Gold Level achievement identifies Gulfnet as a true thought and market-leader, attesting depth of knowledge and expertise. To attain this milestone, our teams have conducted several exams, while providing customer reference and maintaining certified devices and applications.”

    The Microsoft Partner Network helps partners strengthen their capabilities to showcase leadership in the marketplace on the latest technology, in order to better serve customers and to easily connect with one of the most active, diverse networks in the world.

    For more information, customers are requested to visit any of the company’s branches, or call 22026666, or log onto Gulfnet’s website at www.gulfnet.com.kw
  • 11 15
    Gulfnet Introduces Highly Distinctive Services to Meet Every Small and Medium Enterprises’ Needs

    Kuwait, November 2016: In its efforts of providing the latest technology to small and medium enterprise (SME), Gulfnet Communications, one of Kuwait’s leading technology providers, recently introduced its highly distinctive SMEs package which offers a multitude of services catered to meet the needs of every Small and Medium Enterprises’ needs.

    Business owners can now fast-track their businesses with a variety of specially tailored services which include:  Managed end-to-end IP Telephone Services, Email management, Comprehensive managed Web Hosting Services, E-Fax Solutions, LED display screens, security and access control system, Data connection services, and internet services. Additionally, customers can choose the Internet speed, which suits their business enterprise from a range of 1 to 8 Mbps.

    Dr. Ahmed Salih commented: “Today’s announcement reinforces our pioneering position in introducing technology services and solutions that help our clients to expand their business more easily and at a lower cost. Gulfnet has always been a firm supporter to businesses and their success, and thus has extended its services to enable small and medium business owners to scale the heights of success through a range of services.”

    “Backed by our broadband services and capabilities, business owners can now rest assured that their businesses are equipped with the tools and resources to establish a website, find new customers, and grow their businesses.”

    The Company’s technology service offers businesses the smartest way to connect to the Internet. Together with the SMEs services and packages, Gulfnet’s high speed Internet and technology services were designed to enhance entrepreneurs’ business efficiency and increase productivity.

    For more information about Gulfnet’s SME services and packages, customers are requested to visit any of the company’s branches, call 22026666, or log onto Gulfnet’s website at www.gulfnet.com.kw

  • 05 15
    Gulfnet implements ICT System Services for the American United School
    Kuwait City, 18 May 2015 Gulfnet communications, one of Kuwait’s leading technology providers, has implemented a state of the art infrastructure within the American United School (AUS), supporting their unrivaled combination of 21st century technology and traditional student-centered learning.

    Experienced in smart solutions, Gulfnet supplied key elements such as; digital signage, smart labs & classrooms, interactive touch-screens and intelligent Wi-Fi coverage, all of which are essential to maintain effective communication between staff, pupils and parents.

    ”The education sector always looks forward to the application of the most modern technological solutions, that contribute to accelerate the delivery of information accurately and with high quality. From that perspective Gulfnet chooses to highlight its role as a leader in contributing to implementation and supervision of those solutions” said Mr. Ihab Merei, the ICT- Business Manager of Gulfnet Communications

     “By utilizing the Public Display Screen & Kiosks and Digital signage solutions at receptions, lobby & corridors, allows the school to incorporate the latest in technology to communicate with Students and Parents alike with ease. The digital signage at schools is growing rapidly; they are being used to educate students, provide Information, and promote student events.

    It further allows to educate the students on the benefits of providing a paperless environment; which in turn promotes the benefits to the Environment conservation a move which AUS is keen on promoting within its premises as a promise towards a “Go Green Movement” he added.

    “AUS has standardized the Interactive touch LEDs which are provided by Gulfnet at the front of every classroom. The combination of ten point multi-touches and the latest teaching software plus the Tablet and Cell Phone collaboration through special software meant it was the perfect package for AUS.

    The touch LEDs coupled with intelligent Wi-Fi reinforces the teaching and learning experience in the classroom and provides a format that capitalizes on the way student s learn best utilizing a more progressive way of presenting information” said Rusty Bruns, the Chief Information Officer at AUS. Gulfnet has custom-built a smart solution for the AUS campus that ensures a responsive, sustainable and supportive environment. This integrated solution provides a critical foundation for their educational vision and mission as well as their strategy of providing classroom technology that can facilitate everyday learning.

    “American United School is another feather in the cap as one of the successful projects of Gulfnet in terms of developing comprehensive ICT Smart Building solutions” Mr. Ihab Concluded.
  • 12 14
    Gulfnet Communications participates in International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 2014
    Gulfnet Communications (Gulfnet), the first internet service provider and leader in information and communication technology (ICT) solutions in the Gulf region announced today its participation in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 2014, which will be held in Qatar on the 7th-10th December. The conference brings together public and private sectors, emerging and developed markets, experts and investors from across the ICT business.
  • 11 14
    Gulfnet Communications introduces TOUCH IT screens
    Gulfnet Communications (Gulfnet) recently partnered with TouchIT Technologies, the leading U.S manufacturer of innovative touch based visual communication products, to launch interactive LED screen technologies. As a result of this collaboration, Gulfnet hosted a three-day in house training session for its technical support and sales teams, which was conducted by representatives from TouchIT Technologies with an aim to enhance the team’s technical and commercial capabilities.
  • 10 14
    Gulfnet Communications partners with TELES to operate IP Centrex for the First Time in the Middle East
    Gulfnet Communications (Gulfnet), the first internet service provider in the Gulf announced today its partnership with Germany’s TELES to implement the Centrex protocol across the GCC region. The new deal marks Gulfnet’s continued innovation in providing advanced services that aims at enhancing its position amongst its competitors.
  • 06 14
    Gulfnet Communications Participates at Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference
    Gulfnet Communications (Gulfnet), the first internet service provider in the Gulf region, has announced its participation at the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference that was held from the 9th to 11th of June, 2014 in Dubai, with the presence of leading companies and experts in information security from the region and all around the world as well as representatives from different sectors such as information technology, oil and gas, banking and finance, public sector, legal affairs and the health care sector and telecommunications, to discuss and review issues increasingly relevant to information security and protection measures in the region.
  • 06 14
    Gulfnet Communications hosts Dinner to celebrate Successful Partnership with Al Ahli United Bank of Kuwait
    To celebrate a successful partnership, Gulfnet Communications (Gulfnet), the first internet service provider in the Gulf region and the leader in information technology and communication solutions, has organized a gala dinner   to commemorate the partnership with Al Ahli United Bank of Kuwait along with Gulfnet partners Microsoft and VeriPark. This event was to mark and celebrate a successful partnership. The dinner was attended by key executives from Gulfnet accompanied by number of the main project team members as well as top management of Al Ahli United Bank of Kuwait and key representatives of from Microsoft and VeriPark.
  • 05 14
    Gulfnet Communication brings 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil to Kuwait for Free
    Gulfnet Communications (Gulfnet), the first internet service provider in the Gulf region, has launched its World Cup 2014 promotion that offers its valued customers the chance to enjoy the World Cup games for free when subscribing for any of the internet service speeds. Gulfnet Communications (Gulfnet) always assures in providing its customers with the best value to facilitate their lives, therefore customers can you enjoy 4MB internet speeds or above with low installments starting from KD10 a month, this package will ensure that all football fans will enjoy all the action of the world cup at their convenience.
  • 05 14
    Gulfnet Communications Participates at the International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2014 in Chicago
    Gulfnet Communications (Gulfnet), the first internet service provider in the Gulf region and a provider of technology-drive integrated solutions, participated at the International Telecoms Week (ITW) that was held in from the 11th to the 15th of May, 2014 at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago IL, in the United States of America. 
  • 05 14
    Gulfnet Communications Main Sponsor of Kuwait Info Security Forum

    Gulfnet Communications (Gulfnet), the first internet service provider in the Gulf region, has announced its participation as the gold sponsor for the Sixth Kuwait Info Security Forum. The forum is organized by the Central Agency for Information Technology and Promedia Company, and is being held under the patronage of H.H. the Prime Minister, Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah, at Radisson Blu Hotel during May 7-8, 2014.  

  • 02 14
    Gulfnet Communications Celebrates National and Liberation Days

    On the occasion of Kuwait’s National and Liberation days, Gulfnet Communications the leading internet service provider in Kuwait, expressed its genuine congratulations to the people of Kuwait assuring them its commitment towards offering all that’s new and innovative in communication solutions and internet connectivity industry, presenting its customers with a differentiated experience. We aim to deliver customer-driven solutions and sharing expertise in developing highly sophisticated integrated solutions.

  • 02 14
    Gulfnet Communications Announces Winners of its “Everybody is a Winner” Promotion

    Gulfnet Communications, the first internet service provider in the Gulf region announced today the winners of its “Everybody is a Winner” promotion, which was held during the company’s participation at Infoconnect 2014. Mr Jarrah Abdullah and Mr. Mohammed Sulaiman won valuable cash prize offered by Gulfnet Communications. 

  • 01 14
    Gulfnet Communications launches new branch at the Avenues

    Gulfnet Communications announced today the launch of its new branch at the Avenues, with an aim to provide shoppers with its wide range of products and services. The new initiative marks the company’s efforts during the beginning of the New Year to connect with its wide customer base and enhance their overall experience. Mr Mustafa Murad, COO of Gulfnet Communications said, “The objective of launching our latest branch at the Avenues is to gain more customer accessibility while also showcasing our services and varied packages to the mall’s visitors.”

  • 01 14
    Gulfnet Communications Unveils an exciting range of competitive offers at Infoconnect 2014

    Gulfnet Communications, the first internet service provider in the Gulf region is set to welcome its existing and potential customers during Infoconnect 2014, one of the region’s most successful communications and information technology exhibitions. Infoconnect 2014 will be held during the 26th of January until the 1st of February, 2014 at the Kuwait International Fair Ground in Meshref. The exhibition is an ideal platform for Gulfnet Communications to showcase its latest products and services, as along with a wide range of exciting offers and surprises on exclusive services.

  • 12 13
    Gulfnet Communications Launches its New Offer “Unlimited Internet Speed” All for KD75 Yearly
    Gulfnet Communications, the first internet service provider in the Gulf region, which offers cutting-edge internet and data services, announced today the launch of its latest ADSL package, “Unlimited Internet speed”. The new offer, which is valued at KD75 a year, allows Gulfnet to be the first of its kind that excels in providing one package for the market to fulfill its customers’ needs while exceeding their expectations. Gulfnet Communications has continuously continues to stay at the forefront of the internet and data communications industry. 
  • 12 13
    Gulfnet Communications participation at the Kuwait International Airport Development Forum 2013 hails great success
    Gulfnet Communications, the first internet service provider in the Gulf region that provides cutting-edge internet and data services, announced today that its participation at the Kuwait International Airport Development Forum 2013, which was held during the period of 8th to 9th of December, 2013 at the Kuwait International Fair Ground, was successful.
  • Gulfnet Launches Advanced Security Solutions with Leading Global Partners

    GN Security

        Gulfnet has announced that it will be providing the latest and most advanced cybersecurity platform to the Gulf region through global strategic partnerships with leaders in cybersecurity. Through this new partnership with iboss Cybersecurity and FICO Cyber Analytics, Gulfnet aims to increase the level of security in the organizations’ networks and protect against the most advanced and sophisticated cyber attacks.

    “Data breaches are increasing in the region and organizations in the Gulf are targeted with the most advanced cyber attacks. Gulfnet has launched a portfolio of security services that is committed to bring the latest and the most advanced cybersecurity platforms to help in protecting our customers” said Ahmad AlIbrahim, Head of Technical and Carrier Services of Gulfnet Communications. “As an exclusive security partner of iboss Cybersecurity in the Gulf region, we believe that the partnership between iboss and FICO in combining both technologies will bring a great value to the customer and will mitigate the risk of cyber threats to a whole new level.”

    Analytic software firm FICO announced that its groundbreaking AI-based Cyber Analytics will be available as part of the iboss node-based, direct-to-cloud, containerized platform, a leading solution for cybersecurity and malware protection. FICO’s Cyber Analytics models will improve detection of attacks, including new or “zero-day” attacks.

    The partnership will create the first cyber threat score that measures the likelihood of malware infection and data breaches. FICO’s patented behavioral analytics identify anomalous activity within milliseconds, using real-time transaction profiling and self-learning models. These analytics will score suspicious “behavior” of devices, users or servers, similar to the way that FICO’s leading card fraud solution instantly scores billions of credit card transactions around the world daily. Through the cyber threat scores, FICO and iboss clients will now be able to more accurately quantify cyber threats and remediate them in real time to stop catastrophic infection and data loss before it occurs.

    FICO and iboss Cybersecurity aim to dramatically reduce the “dwell time” — the time it takes to detect an advanced threat once it has breached an organization’s infrastructure. Data is frequently stolen within minutes or hours after penetration. Lack of real-time detection is one reason why cyber attacks cost businesses an estimated $400 billion last year, and erode customer confidence.

    “Partnering with like-minded, innovative companies like FICO and Gulfnet is helping iboss to continuously provide our leading node-based, direct-to-cloud web security to more businesses globally,” said Pete Elmgren, Senior Vice President of World Wide Sales for iboss Cybersecurity. “Gulfnet’s exclusive access to the Gulf region coupled with their unique access to the best cybersecurity platforms available will help bring iboss’ proven cyber solutions to more businesses in the Middle East than ever before."

    “FICO pioneered the use of artificial intelligence in fighting financial crimes with FICO Falcon Fraud Manager, which protects billions of payment cards worldwide,” said Doug Clare, vice president of FICO® Falcon® Cybersecurity solutions. “Our data scientists hold more than 100 patents related to streaming behavioral analytics for attack detection, which are well-proven in the financial services and telecom industries. With iboss, we found the perfect partner to bring these technologies to one of the biggest problems facing society today.”

    About Gulfnet Communications

    Gulfnet Communications is one of the leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) & Telecom service providers, serving public and commercial enterprise businesses for more than 25 years. Established in 1991 in Kuwait, Gulfnet was the first to provide internet services in the Gulf region. Gulfnet is a dynamic and an agile company that strives to provide its customers with a great service and quality support. Over the years Gulfnet have focused its efforts on improving the infrastructure, products and services by constantly seeking the latest developments and advancement in the technology. Gulfnet is a pioneer in bringing the best-in-class services and solutions to the Gulf region and uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions.

    About iboss Cybersecurity

    iboss Cybersecurity defends today’s borderless networks against malware, advanced threats and data loss with an innovative direct to cloud, containerized, node-based approach. Unlike legacy technology focused solely on keeping malware out, iboss offers a balanced cybersecurity approach with equal emphasis on prevention, detection and containment to reduce damaging loss from data breaches. Backed by patented, next-generation technology and unparalleled visibility across all inbound/outbound data channels, iboss next-gen technology provides better security weapons to reveal blind spots, detect breaches and minimize the consequences of data exfiltration. Leveraging leading threat protection and unsurpassed usability, iboss is trusted by thousands of organizations and millions of users.

    About FICO

    FICO (NYSE: FICO) powers decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper. Founded in 1956 and based in Silicon Valley, the company is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics and data science to improve operational decisions. FICO holds more than 165 US and foreign patents on technologies that increase profitability, customer satisfaction and growth for businesses in financial services, telecommunications, health care, retail and many other industries. Using FICO solutions, businesses in more than 100 countries do everything from protecting 2.6 billion payment cards from fraud, to helping people get credit, to ensuring that millions of airplanes and rental cars are in the right place at the right time.