BOnline offers High Speed Internet services that meets today's rich internet applications’ needs. Whether you use the Internet to stream HD videos, play online gaming, or to connect with your friends through different social networks over the Internet, BOnline offers unmatched experience through a modern and advanced infrastructure that can match your needs with various options over copper or fiber optics technologies with speeds up to 100Mbps to your home.

High speed

High Speed

Whether you’re an avid gamer, or you like to stream your HD videos online, BOnline's advanced network offers up to 100 Mbps of internet speed, allowing you to get your desired content within a
                                 glimpse of an eye. 


Always Connected

Always ConnectedBOnline’s modern network infrastructure ensures a reliable and high-speed internet experience, that would keep you connected to everything you love.  


PerformanceWith high network optimizations and low latency, BOnline is able to offer you the best experience for online gaming, social networking.